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Taking a break from their Australian tour, One Direction lads Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson hit Sydney’s Whale Beach to show off their surfing skills. They were accompanied by bodyguards who also donned wet suits and joined the pair in the water. Fans greeted them and waved excitedly as the boys took to the waves. One Direction end their tour in Melbourne on October 30. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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25 thoughts on “One Direction News”

  1. If I? was there i would just watch from the top of the beach and just watch them not like try to mob them. Ever heard of privacy ?

  2. I’m an Aussie Directioner and I’m in Sydney right now seeing that a girl stole Liam’s underwear!! Us Aussies are pretty crazy but aren’t we all???? But yeah it’s ridiculous how they? have know privacy for a day

  3. directioners need to back the fuck off they are just people doing a job and you are making it pretty fucking obvious that you only like? them for there looks

  4. I kinda feel sorry for them because they clearly wanted time to themselves and couldn’t!!? iam a directioner but I respect their lives and privacy! and also it wasn’t even them at the beginning x

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